Month: September 2012

  • Acrylic splat becomes a toucan

    The biggest thing for me that I’m learning at the moment is to trust my skill. I have to believe that no matter what I do it will work out somehow. It may look like crud at some points, but if I keep going, I can make it work. I’m an artist, I can do…

  • Spring has sprung paint

    It is so wonderful to have some sunny weather to paint in. Last weekend I grabbed my acrylics and set up on the back porch and threw together to beginnings of a randomish painting (mainly because the canvas I’m using has a thread pull in it and I had to wait for the other two…

  • Things that make me nostalgic

    I receive Tracey Fletcher King’s blog posts straight into my email inbox (they are so entertaining and arty, they are totally worth it :D) when I came across her entry for List it Tuesday. Ooh, a challenge I haven’t encountered before. So I wandered over to Artsyville and, cool, what a great idea. So instead…

  • Paper and Jewels mosaic completed!

    It is final. It is complete (well, except for its second coat of varnish which I will do today). My first paper and jewels mosaic is done!

  • Pastel portrait of Izzy

    And I have my first face for 29 Faces! Started off as a quick sketch, but actually took me most of the day. Here is a pastel portrait of my youngest daughter, two and a half year old Izzy.

  • Masking fluid experiments

    Earlier this year I was introduced to the concept of an art journal. I’ve kept sketchbooks of my work all my life, but art journalling is slightly different. In March I started a journal of my own. A simple cheap bound sketchbook that within its pages I have permission to royally stuff up with abandon.…

  • Life Inspired for Sunday Sketches

    I do have to apologise for this new Life Inspired cartoon. I couldn’t help myself.