KJ's book

J is for Jewels

Jewels, glass beads, rhinestones or whatever you would like to call little bits of shiny glass, they are something I’ve had a recent interest in gluing to my artwork.

It started with a handmade book I made for my eldest daughter.

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Phantasmal poison dart frog final

I is for Inktense

Now the key to these fantabulous pencils is that while they act like watercolour pencils for the most part, once they are dry they are not watersoluble – like waterproof ink. This may sound like a small difference, but it isn’t. Because they dry waterproof, you can go over and over and over your piece of work and build up some beautifully intense (funnily enough) colours.

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Love by Liz Powley

H is for Happy

And Happy is exactly what I’ve been for the majority of this long weekend 😀 I’ve been merrily arting and blogging away on various projects and it has been great fun.

A couple of days ago I posted G is for Graffiti where I mentioned my first art journal page. It was based on street art and a technique demonstrated for those of us participating in the challenge.

Well, I really liked the ‘Love’ page I threw together and being me, I couldn’t just leave it there. So I created a painting.

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Love by Liz Powley

G is for Graffiti

I had some great fun yesterday. Now considering the title of this post, you might wonder what I have been up to. But no, I’m far too much of a goody-two-shoes to actually go out and graffiti anything. But what I can do is a piece of artwork in the graffiti style…well, as close as a square cucumber like me can manage.

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Paint Party Friday

F is for Friday

Yes, F is for Friday, but not just any Friday, but Paint Party Friday! Every week on a Friday, artists from all over get together at the Paint Party Friday blog and share their painting accomplishments for that week. It is fantabulously hosted by Eva and Kristin, two avid paint enthusiasts who provide the hard work to keep this great challenge/party/motivation kick joint going.

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Tassie's castle

D is for Digital Art

The first ‘modern’ type computer I encountered was Windows 3.1 machine during an Introduction to Graphic Design course. I was 19 . We were using MS Paint, if I recall correctly, to design and build a logo. Despite its basic nature, I fell in love with it immediately.

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I am an artist

C is for Cartoon

When I was a kid I wanted to grow up to be a cartoonist. Nowadays when I say what I’ve always wanted to be it’s ‘an artist’, but back before and around the age of ten, it was ‘a cartoonist’.

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