Mussels WIP


We went away for a couple of days and stayed in a very nice rental house right on the foreshore of Sultana Point (just outside Edithburgh) on the Yorke Peninsula. Kind of an experiment to see how we managed with the kids and to look at the house (which was fantastic, definitely travelling like this again). I took my Inktense pencils because I’m art crazy at the moment and I knew that there would be a moment to do something. Unfortunately I forgot to bring a stock shot to work from for any of my current projects. So I found myself wandering across the beach on a 39C day looking for shells to draw.

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Autumn Wind WIP first layer close up

Autumn wind, my current WIP for Paint Party Friday

I’ve been so madly arting of late that I haven’t had time to post! But here is a quickie in honour of Paint Party Friday because that is what I’ve been doing – painting. I’ve been exploring my acrylics. I guess you could call this piece a big acrylic experiment because it has very much been a ‘let’s see what happens if I do this’ kind of painting.

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Swirl2 close up cut 1

Continuing the oil pastel journey

Tonight I went to my first ever art group. It was great! A small group, just the way I like my groups ::grin:: with a fully qualified lecturer, Drew Harrison, on hand for all those curly questions. And boy, was it great to finally have someone to ask in person some of those technical glitch type questions that have had me haunting YouTube time and time again.

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