Winter returns

The temperature is forecast to dip below 20C this week, the final sign that summer is truly leaving and the April rains are due. Here comes the cold.

I’m not a fan of winter, however for the first time in a long time we will be travelling interstate this year right in the depths of of winter and further south than we already are. I’m planning on buying a new jacket to keep warm.

But anyways, it has been an interesting autumn so far, certainly art wise.

My art is now on display and for sale in a cafe in Glenelg, South Australia, a local tourist hotspot. You can drop into The Crane and enjoy some Japanese delicacies while perusing mine and fellow artist, Lyds, paintings on the wall.


Artwork on display at The Crane

Artwork on display at The Crane


I’ve started a new art course exploring drawing, in particular, portraiture. So I’ve returned to charcoal and pastel work. The teacher has been pushing for more freedom and flow in our drawing, and despite not entirely working out exactly what she is looking for, I have wandered into some pastel techniques I want to explore further.


Woman in pastel

Woman in pastel


Man in pastel

Man in pastel


The class focusses on portraiture, but I did a little experimentation of my own last weekend.


The artist's hand in pastel

The artist’s hand in pastel

 I am really happy with this one…and it is for sale 😀 I think I will be exploring this further.

Two of my paintings will be in the Goolwa Rotary Art and Photographic Exhibition. Opening this weekend through to Easter, it looks to be a fabulous event.

I’ve been thoroughly exercising my web and graphic design skills with several new clients and challenges, and have recently been asked to design and present a workshop aimed specifically at artists and how to get online/tackle social media.

So yeah, I’m crazy busy…but good busy.

I hope everything is going well for all of you. It has been sometime since I’ve written here and I miss you all.

Best wishes,