When lightning strikes – Artful Creations Daily Blog Hop day 5

Artful Creations

First up, yep, I failed miserably yesterday to write anything here. It was 45C/113F! Not that I really noticed that much since I was at work, luxurating in the air conditioning, but still, it was very warm. I burnt my hands on various metal objects on the way home from work (like the car, gates, and the garage door!) Also, I’ve had recurrent insomnia this week and by Friday I was exhausted. Other than work (which had a decent creative component involved until about 5pm when my brain declared it had had it and I switched to no-brainer work until I finished at 6pm :D), I did nothing except daydream about my art.

Oh, I have been reading a book called Craft Inc by Meg Mateo Ilasco which is proving to be interesting and useful on the art business side of things. So maybe a little more than daydreaming, but mostly Day 4 was in the bin and I was vegetable material on the couch by evening.

With plans…to get up this morning and do stuff! But no 🙁 The migraine fairy visited this morning and took out a good part of the day by making my face ache (interesting migraine, out of the norm, I’m thinking weird sleep position did it). In fact it is still vaguely sitting there in the background, but I am ignoring it!

And I ignored it for a good part of the day because today was the day I bought my studio easel! After I had managed to stumble out of bed mid morning, we went into town, into Eckersley’s Art store and bought this:

My easel

My first floor standing studio easel 😀  $226 on sale. Last one left except for the floor model. Mabef, made in Italy, apparently a good brand according to every source I could gather including some of you wonderful people who helped me out. It is the basic model, bare bones, but I think it will do what I want it to do and if sometime down the track I need a bigger one, I will likely be making enough money to afford it then 😀

Many thanks to my wonderful Hubby for carrying it, looking after the kids while I was crook today, and finally this evening assembling it. I really married a good one 😀

Ooh, look a squid.

I went back to bed in the afternoon in an attempt to sleep off the brain pain. When I woke up I lay there for a while letting my body boot up, idly thinking about things, of which art was one, when I got an idea. This idea flew in from nowhere and struck like lightning. A product! A product to create and sell! There is no doubt you will be hearing more about this one in the future. Mums the word at the moment, but there are plans afoot 😀

So that set me into a more positive mood (after I had dashed into the studio and scribbled the idea and associated variables onto paper before brain lost them again). I played with an idea that crosses my bubble painting with my business cards and hunted up my stamp carving equipment for part of that project, and then after dinner I started digging up facts and prices for my new idea. Nothing like inspiration to get you moving.

So that is today, a mixed serving. Tomorrow there are plans for art. I have so many projects awaiting completion and next Tuesday is report point for A Piece a Week, so I need to get my butt moving.

Do not forget to drop by and visit all the wonderful people on this blog hop. I know I haven’t done the rounds the last couple of days, but I will be there soon.

Best wishes,