W is for Watercolour Pencil

For a long time before I started this attempt to free up my art back in 2010, what little art I did was confined to watercolour pencil.


I used it in a very confined way. It made for great work, but very time consuming, meticulous and often unfinished work.

I think I used it because it gave me a great deal of control. Until recently, my experiences with actual paint were few and this was as close as I got to painting at all.

I did learn a lot during that time, but that time was well over ten years. I’ve done more art in the last two than I’ve done in the previous twenty.

But I still love my watercolour pencils and will probably get them out from time to time to play. But now I also have my Inktense pencils which I also adore and intend to explore.

If you would like to see some of my watercolour pencil work in its various stages, have a look at my Blue Poison Dart Frog example. Also, I found this good tutorial on how to work with watercolour pencils on YouTube.


I love the fact that you can layer on layer on layer. With Inktense pencils you can do this even more and really bring out the wonderful colours. All my pencils are Derwent.

While my watercolour pencil explorations are on hold while Inktense and watercolour paints take over my interest, I will always have a fond thought for my hardworked watercolour pencils. They’ve done a lot of work.

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