Tree Caricatures – Artful Creations Day 9

Artful Creations

I was driving up the same street I drive up every morning I go to work this morning and I was struck with an idea. The trees along the verge are all Kurrajongs. Please see a Google view of Lancaster Avenue below.

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In the morning light, the bark seemed dark and the leaves were a lovely light green contrasting very nicely. Being in the crazy creative mood I have been in since last night, I immediately wanted to paint them. But stylised paint them…as I drove to work I built up a concept in my head of tree caricatures. I’m thinking of doing a series and tonight before writing this post, I scribbled down the first one, layout only for painting.

Kurrajong caricature sketch

I plan to do something with the background perhaps patchworky or patterned (depending on how it interacts with the foreground, wouldn’t want to go too busy).

Also, I will likely have to redraw this one as while I was looking for a Kurrajong piccy to show you, I dicovered that the leaves look nothing like this. I knew I should have done my research first 😀

But I’m really enthused with the idea of these small paintings (will need to buy some 300 x300 mm canvases as I am all out). I have plans for oak, jacaranda, and a number of others. Cute little paintings that can stand alone or sit as a group…I may even restrict the trees to native Australian just to be a little bit different. Still conceptualising.

Other than that, which took me a whole ten minutes, today I have continued work on my dumpling squid and Izzy’s Rainbow. The first I worked on the sand and the second I started glazing.

And tonight I’m going to bed at a decent time, so I’ll sign off now.

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