The Squid Report

Paint Party Friday

It has been a week of calamari here in my studio. All other projects have been suspended by my current obsession with this giant squid painting.

Giant Squid WIP4

About a third of the tentacles are done to first finish level (basically they look okay, but will need to be gauged against the rest of the painting once all the squid is done and then glazed to colour match and blend all the bits together into a whole). I’ve started from the bottom up. A more close up shot:

Giant Squid WIP4a

I’m really enjoying this and it is this week’s submission to Paint Party Friday, so don’t forget to drop around to the community and check out all the great art happening over there.

In other news, I wandered into a bookshop again today at lunch and found this wonderful book on colour.

Artists Color Manual: the complete guide to working with color by Simon Jennings

There was very little hesitation in purchasing it.  Check it out on Amazon to see its insides. It is wonderfully photographed and I’m looking forward to getting my teeth into the text. I’ve been thinking about getting a book on colour recently because I adore colour and it would probably do me good to actually learn some more detail about how colour works and techniques to enhance colour effects. Actually come to think of it, I got the colour bug from this blog post by Suzanne Drolet.

And lastly, I took a piccy of my paint stash as I gazed down upon its yumminess 😀

Matisse acrylics

The brand is probably not familiar to those of you outside of Australia as these are Aussie made professional acrylic paints. I also love Golden acrylics and use them for my fluid acrylic stash (dependent upon the health of the Aussie dollar) and I have to say that Golden Acrylic mediums are just wonderful. But I have definitely fallen in love with some of the colours in the Matisse range. In the centre here you will see ‘Southern Ocean Blue’, part of the Australian colours range. This is one of my favourites. It is a stunning transparent turquoise and I keep using it in everything (yes, it is in the squid :D) and it was a major component of my daughter’s mermaid painting. Another stunning colour in the ‘Australian range‘ is Australian Sienna, again a transparent pigment, a beautiful golden brown. And Australian Yellow Green is just delicious (hmm, sounds like I might start eating my paint). Of course another favourite is Dioxazine Purple…and this the point I stop naming colours before I go through the entire palette 😀 Do you have a favourite colour to create with?

Best wishes,