Sunday Sketches from the week of funk

I’ve only got dud sketches for this week’s Sunday Sketches. Last week was a funk week so very little was done.

First up we have an attempt to answer last week’s Illustration Friday prompt of ‘deja-vu’. I had a concept, but my brain wouldn’t supply me with an image to fully communicate what I was trying to say. This sketch is as far as it got, the concept being centred around ‘goldfish memory’ (or lack thereof) and deja-vu.


The second attempt to do something arty was using the Flying Spark. The challenge for that particular day was ‘eyes’, so I thought I’d attempt a zentangle using a pattern of eyes. I lost interest in it and put it aside intending to go back to it, but my eldest daughter got to it with her pencils. I may revisit the concept, but this piece of work is dead. It may only be lead pencil, but fineliner paper doesn’t let you erase very well and it is just not worth it.

Zentangle eyes

So that was the extent of my art, bar my carbon paper experiments, last week. Fortunately today I got all enthusiastic about my acrylic paints and started a new series of experiments with flow medium…with mixed results. Hopefully I will get some decent art out of that line of exploration.

(hunting inspiration down with a knife)