Sunday Sketches – experiments in hand drawn animation

Sunday Sketches

I’ve been missing, I know, and I apologise. Life has taken a very busy turn and until I can work out a schedule that works, things around here will be a little patchy. I hope to fix that as soon as possible…I have lots of goodies to share with you down the track.

Sunday Sketches… I actually did some sketching this week as part of my current venture into animation. When I say animation, I mean very basic animation. I did the sketches below as an experiment to see how the process works. I have since decided to use another method and another character, so these drawings are redundant, but I kinda liked him and thought I could introduce you all to Spike (no relation to the Buffy character…though I suppose I could draw a couple of fangs on him :D)

Spike - original sketchThis was the original character sketch, followed by the second sketch that was supposed to be part of the short animation, but was dropped as his proportions were wrong. The second drawing did, however, give me his side view.

Spike walkingThat was followed by the sketches that made up the animation of him walking (when I said basic, I meant it). These are all in HB graphite pencil (I was being lazy).

Put them all together and this is what you get…

Spike animation

As I said, very rough. But it works considering how little effort I did put into it. I’ve since decided to go digital with a vector program that uses much smaller file sizes and I’ve finally got the beginnings of a script line worked out. So things are progressing. But Spike is to retire here as I won’t be using him.

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Best wishes,
(up very late and falling asleep at the keyboard)