Sunday Sketches – blatant experiments with watercolour

Sunday Sketches

I had nothing tonight for Sunday Sketches, but I did have about an hour to come up with something, despite being exhausted. I found myself playing. I didn’t know what to draw initially (though it is not like I don’t have a pile of unfinished works lying around, but hey, my thought capabilities at the moment are on par with fencing post, so I figured I shouldn’t attempt to ruin anything), so I got out my watercolour pencils and just drew whatever came to mind.

Strangely I started with a human figure, far from my favourite topic, but then went well and truly abstract. Then vague design sketched out, I dugout my watercolour sticks (incomplete palette I scavenged on sale as they aren’t made anymore) and played around with them.

I haven’t completed anything yet, but I have been having fun playing with that lifting technique  I discovered last week.


Photographed in poor light while still wet, this is my progress so far.  Really just mucking around, but you never know a painting might result.

At the very least I can scan it into the computer and get some snazzy textures and patterns off it.

Exhilarate closeup

Happy Sunday Sketches all! Don’t forget to go check out all the other lovelies.

(so dog tired, typing dyslexically)