Spring has sprung paint

Paint Party Friday

It is so wonderful to have some sunny weather to paint in. Last weekend I grabbed my acrylics and set up on the back porch and threw together to beginnings of a randomish painting (mainly because the canvas I’m using has a thread pull in it and I had to wait for the other two I’d gessoed to dry). Didn’t know what I wanted to paint, I just slapped it down. It is wonderfully freeing, especially since the canvas was a dud one so it didn’t matter what I did to it, I couldn’t use it to make saleable art anyway.

So there was green, there was yellow, there was iridescence…

Fairy forest

…and then I ran out of light. But it is a start and it has all sorts of possibilities and I have ideas of what I want to do next with it. Heh, my sister took one look at it and asked if she could have it. It’s not finished yet 😀

When I wasn’t outside, I had daringly set up my pastels in the loungeroom (yes, right above my pale green carpet and amongst the two children). This enabled me to get my teeth into my latest portrait. Unfortunately said portrait and I have been having an ongoing discussion as to whether it is going to take on a likeness. There has been erasure of pastel and much moving of features and it is still not right. But it is getting there. I had hoped to have this finished for Sunday Sketches last week, but I didn’t make it. I’ve since had the carpets steam cleaned so the painting is stashed in my studio awaiting a chance to go outside. Its days in the loungeroom have ended 🙁  …which shortens my working time, but hopefully it will be finished soon. Hmm, Izzy’s was much easier than this one.


I have lots of in-progress shots for this piece, so hopefully it will turn out well enough that I can post its evolution from structural sketch, to old woman, to finally my daughter (I never said I was good at this portraiture thing :D).

And these are my submissions for Paint Party Friday this week. Don’t forget to drop in on all the other wonderful artists taking part in this weekly checkin.

Oh, and courtesy of Michelle Kral, here is a mixed media speed painting I know I found inspiring, so I thought I would share.

Hope you’re having a creative week!
Best wishes,