Spectrum Square – Midnight Blue results

Spectrum Square

I have art! Not only do I have art for this week’s challenge, but art for the two previous. I have caught up 😀

Purple heart

Purple heart, oil pastel on purple card, approx. 210 x 210 mm.


Sunflower heart

Sunflower heart, oil pastel on canvas, approx. 210 x 210 mm.


Ocean heart

Ocean heart, oil pastel on canvas, approx 210 x 210 mm.


The colour challenges are from top to bottom, Ultramarine Violet, Fairy Gold and Midnight Blue. I really enjoyed these and am planning to do more. They have also given me an idea for a new challenge ::evil cackle::

And the colour for this week is…

Orange Peel



Your secondary colours are Orange peel -> yellow and orange peel -> red.

How did you go last week?

(enthusiastic about the possibilities)