Shadow Shot Sunday

Shadow Shot Sunday

This is a challenge I’ve been meaning to participate in for awhile, and I was lazing around out in the backyard (read: supervising children) when the shadows on our shed wall struck a chord and set me running for my camera. I did take a piccy of the shed wall, but didn’t stop there and ventured out into our front yard to see what else I could find.

A factor that influenced me in this endeavour is my current interest in colourful abstract art. I’ve been poking around the web this morning looking at different types. But that wouldn’t have meant anything if I hadn’t been introduced to Kim Manley Ort’s photography, in particular this piece of art – Winter Trees. The concept of combining photography with aspect only just hit home with me and it has opened up my photography in an art sense quite suddenly (ie. today :D). So the shots I went looking for today were slightly different from my norm. Also, I’m not 100% sure they fit the criteria for the challenge, so I’m going to post more than one in the hope that I hit the target with at least one of them 😀

Xanthorrea bud

Grass Tree, Xanthorrea quadrangulata, my front yard, exploration of light and dark.

This is a piccy of the actual plant to give you an idea of what I’m talking about. The above photo is a close up of one of the big green flower spikes.

Xanthorrea quadrangulata

And I also crawled under on of my banksias to attempt to grab a piccy of the grass seed heads that have gone nuts under there. They were nicely in shadow and I played around with them for some time.

Stipa elegantissma

And got this shot which I think fulfils the challenge, but…

Stipa seed heads
Stipa elegantissma seed heads, my front yard, Adelaide, South Australia

I think I managed a fluke and got a really nice shot out of all the snaps I took (it wasn’t the best conditions to see what I was doing) and I really like this one even though it doesn’t satisfy the challenge.



I really like the subtle colours.

And I must dash. Dinner to be served.

(Thanks, Kim, you’ve freed up my photography :D)