Scribbling dragons

Sunday Sketches

And I’m entering Sunday Sketches for the first time in ages. I have so missed joining in our art community so I’ve now made it a priority.

This week’s sketching has been revolving around finding a new dragon to paint. I finished the last one last week, and I’m eager to explore the subject more.

I’m particularly interested in the eyes so I’m trying to make them a strong element. The first scribble came up with this…

Dragon 1

He has some admirable elements, but not what I’m looking for.

Then came Matchbox Dragon…

Matchbox dragon

Who would look fine, if he didn’t look like a monkey.

So I kept scribbling and last night came up with this…

Foiled by Gravity Dragon

Foiled by Gravity Dragon. He is only at thumbnail stage and still has a long of developmental work to be done on him before I’d even attempt to paint him, but I’m liking him. He has attitude. You may notice that he has no tail as yet and is currently sporting chicken feet – I need to work out his anatomy quite a bit more 😀

And those are the sketches I scribbled down this week. don’t forget to drop by Sunday Sketches and see what all the other eager sketchers have been up to.

Best wishes,