Retrospective – Sunflower I

Paint Party Friday

I haven’t finished my painting from last week as I’ve been sick, damnit. An evil cold that has side swiped just about everything I was doing. So I have no update on my current painting efforts for Paint Party Friday. However, there was a period in the history of this blog where I stopped posting for whatever reason, but didn’t stop painting. So there are a handful of paintings that were never documented here. So I thought I would share one of those. If you follow me on social media, you might have seen this painting before, but not for some time.

Sunflower 1

Sunflower I, acrylic on canvas, approx. 510 x 510mm.


This painting was a gift for a friend and I was very happy how it turned out. Here be some in-progress shots.

Sunflower I wip-1

Sunflower I wip-2

Sunflower I wip-3

Sunflower 1


The sunflower was from our garden and was influenced by Van Gogh in subject matter (I was obsessing over him at the time). I also ended up making some gift cards out of it.

Sunflower I cards

Which are available for sale if anyone is interested šŸ˜€

It is called Sunflower I because I hope to do some more in the future. Sunflowers are fantastic subjects – I now have an idea why Van Gogh was so obsessed with them.

Anyway, this is my offering for Paint Party Friday. Don’t forget to wander on over and see what all the other wonderful artists are up to šŸ˜€

Best wishes,
(crawling back into bed)