Paper and Jewels mosaic still continued

Paint Party Friday

It has been a busy week this week. Monday saw me trotting my eldest off to the doctors for conjunctivitis, today is seeing me trotting the youngest off to the same doctor for an ear infection (and the conjunctivitis she caught off her sister). Between the two was a frantic call for the out of hours locum to come see same youngest daughter for that ear infection as she cried for three hours in my lap on Wednesday night. That was followed by a trip to the pharmacy at around 11pm to acquired the drugs to kill the bugs tormenting her.

So as you can guess, there hasn’t been a huge amount of art done in the last few days. Over the weekend I managed to coat a painting with both its last isolation coat and its first varnish coat. Hopefully I will have a chance to give it its last coat sometime tomorrow or on Sunday at the latest. There will be a piccy when that is completed.

Also, before the Wednesday drama unfolded, I took a moment for myself and visited a nearby art shop to see what canvases they offer. This year I have equipped myself with some top notch and expensive acrylic paints, but I’ve been using cheap canvases for the lack of knowing what to buy. Over the last few months I have been educating myself on exactly what makes a good canvas and I was seeking a supplier…and wondering if I could afford it. It appears I can, though not willy-nilly. The price ranges from around $10 for very small up to past $150 for the extra large canvases, but if I have a particular project in mind (for example entering the Waterhouse Art Prize) and confidence in my ability to pull it off, I’m willing to shell out the money for the reassurance that I have painted on good quality materials. Duthy Street Art Supplies stretches their own canvases and the service there has always been exemplary. And trust me, having now seen the good materials versus the cheap materials, my goodness there is a difference. I should have grabbed one while I was there so I could play with it. Will get back there asap and grab one…hmm, I’ll be in the area tomorrow, maybe I can dash in.

But anyway, I do have my paper and jewels mosaic with a little progress to share .

Paper and jewels wip3

This is my box of goodies I take into the lounge to work with in front of the television.

Paper mosaic kit

And here are some close ups because I love doing closeups 😀

Paper and jewels mosaic wip3closeup1

Paper and jewels mosaic wip3closeup2

Paper and jewels mosaic wip3closeup3

I’m submitting this for Paint Party Friday. Sorry I don’t have anything newish to share, but I’m determined to get this one finished as soon as possible so I can start the next one. Don’t forget to drop in on all the other great Paint Party Friday peeps as there is some fantastic work out there worth visiting.

Best wishes,