Paper and Jewels mosaic completed!

Paint Party Friday

It is final. It is complete (well, except for its second coat of varnish which I will do today). My first paper and jewels mosaic is done!

Paper and jewels mosaic final

Paper and Jewels, mixed media paper mosaic on canvas board, 254 x 305 mm

I am really happy with it and am considering getting it framed. It consists of laser printed bubble painting, beads, jewels, large glass beads, foil card, and coarse garden design sand (not sand, more crushed and coloured rock) mixed with self-leveling gel and painted over with iridescent medium.

I’m not sure of its lightfastness, but I have coated it in UV resistant varnish, which will hopefully help. I shouldn’t have used the canvas board, but when I started I was only mucking around to see what would happen and it turned out much better than I expected. It is fun sitting in front of the TV (with the Avengers on :D) sticking down tiles and beads. It is kinda like knitting or crocheting, no brain required other than the occasional design decision.

And here are the obligatory in progress shots…

Paper and jewels

Paper and jewels mosaic wip2

Paper and jewels wip3

Paper and jewels mosaic wip4

Paper and jewels mosaic final

And, of course some angle and up close shots because I can’t help myself 😀

Paper and jewels mosaic final closeup1

Paper and jewels mosaic final closeup2

Paper and jewels mosaic final closeup3

Paper and jewels mosaic final 2

And now what is next?

Well, I’m well on the way to combining my fire series with my mixed media mosaic series, though who knows if that is what it will end up looking like. Here are the very beginnings and here are some piccies of what I’ve done so far this week.

Fire tiles

Lots and lots of fire tiles…would you believe that this is only half a sheet of three sheets I have created (using the butterfly painting method)? I am expecting lots of gluing in this one.

Fire and jewels mosaic wip2

And those glass rocks? They are rocks!

Fire and jewels mosaic wip2a

I’m really excited about this one. The big glass rocks are really inspiring (though I hope the gel medium is strong enough to keep them in place). This time I’m doing it on some MDF particle board. it is quite heavy, but again just experimenting really. Will see how it goes. The orange and red glass beads are not glued down and I haven’t decided whether to include them or not.

I’m all excited, all inspired and bouncing around the room. Don’t forget to check out the other excited peeps over at Paint Party Friday.

Must go paint!

Best wishes,