Paint Party Friday – Pastels last Saturday

Paint Party Friday

I am so art deprived at the moment. Art neglected, blog neglected, real life eating me alive. However, my sister kidnapped me and my eldest daughter last Saturday and locked us all in a room with some cheap art supplies and made us create. This is what I came up with.

Green swirl of pastel

Why is it that given free range I usually end up drawing swirls? Cheap pastel on scrapbooking card with a dash of softer more expensive Rembrandt pastel on top.

I also started a flame creation, but didn’t finish it.

Green flame in pastel

Pretty skungie looking in the areas that haven’t been covered fully, but I like the flow and really, it is just an adaptation the technique in my painting Hot Wind.

Sometime last week I also made a vain attempt to start some more experiments with acrylic. Nothing finished, but here is a hint.

Green salt

Hopefully I’ll get something done this weekend.

Don’t miss out on all the other great paint party peeps, there is some fantastic art out there.

(driven to create, but denied the time to do it)