Paint Party Friday – Gungurru Dawn

Paint Party Friday

Aaargh! I had hoped to have this finished to show for PPF, but I haven’t had time, plus there were at least two days this week where I came home from work and just crashed (well, after the evening routine with the kids, anyway, gone are the days of relaxing straight after work).


So here you have it, work-in-progress, oh, so  close to being finished. Still sorting out the leaves and the chunk of bark in the forground.

Gungurru Dawn wip


Bit of a shonky photo. It should also be noted that I started this painting a couple of years ago and I’m on a try-to-finish streak. Gungurru is a common name for Eucalyptus caesia, a beautiful silver grey gum that grows in crags in Western Australia – I just happen to have one in my garden in South Australia 😀

Happy PPF! And don’t forget to drop by at Paint Party Friday to see all the other great artworks being created.

Best wishes,