O is for Oil Pastel

I’m sitting here, really quite tired as it has been a busy day and I’m still not fully up to par. I want to write an exciting and inspiring post about one of my favourite media, oil pastels, but I’m really tired. So I might just show you some of my efforts using this wonderfully versatile medium.

Trust me, there will be plenty of further experiments on this blog in the future featuring oil pastels – I just can’t keep away from them, so hopefully one of those will be exciting and inspiring, when I’m firing on all thrusters.

And then check out the video at the bottom – totally not mine, but definitely showing what someone far more experienced can do with this fantastic medium.

Transparent lilyTransparent Lily, Oil pastel and acrylic gouache on watercolour paper, approx. 200 x 170 mm

Sunflower heartSunflower heart, oil pastel on canvas, approx. 210 x 210 mm.

And you can find my oil pastel experiments here!

And the video…

And now I will remove the folded washing from my bed and crawl under the covers. I hope your O was more inspiring than mine 😀

Best wishes,
(asleep on my feet)