My Creative Neighbourhood – 6 November 2010

Okay, so it is now technically the 7th November, but last night I crashed on the couch with my arms full of baby so I simply stumbled off to bed. No summary of art done, no post. Ugh.

But here I am today, stealing time over breakfast.

So what happened in my creative neighbourhood this week…

Art Every Day Month started with a bang, and boy, am I loving it, despite struggling to complete art every day.  There is some wonderful stuff being created out there, well worth drooling over.

Kristin Dudish is creating up a storm with her 30 in 30 for 30 challenge tied in with Art Every Day Month.

And speaking of challenges, I came across the World Doodle Challenge, something some of you doodlers might be interested in.

I discovered SkinnyStrayCat who has recently uploaded some seriously fantastic zentangles/doodles.

Cat On A Halloween Stick

She has some wonderful creations, well worth a gander.

Get the feeling I’ve been doodling a lot lately? 😀

Kirstin Chursinoff announced her latest exhibition of her fabric art. Even if you can’t make it, staring at pictures of her art is incredibly inspiring. She does wonders with stitching and colours.

Speaking of fabric art, Wooly Fabulous has gone black and white with some stunning results.

Jenny Blair danced with the elephants again to create some more lovely art.

Dave Rowley has had a bad week, but is now bad on board with his 30 Labyrinths. I really must have a go at drawing one of those.

Melissa Moss was published in a magazine with her beautiful art.

Amelia showed us how to make wonderful little books.

And me?

I’ve been crazy trying to keep up with the Art Every Day Month. I haven’t managed a piece per day, but there is definitely art happening here, in a variety of forms. Several doodles and experiments. Today, I’m hoping to do some acrylic work on the boards I primed yesterday. I haven’t done a pure painting in years, so the results will be interesting.

Yesterday I managed to do a little work on the Almond Blossom Mandala. This is what it currently looks like. Watercolour pencil takes TIME.

Now, must dash, Izzy’s awake.

(hoping to get more done today)