More mermaids

Sunday SketchesHaving failed all week to keep up the one blog post per day regime I had going during the Blogging A to Z challenge, I desperately had to put something together for Sunday Sketches. It is not that I haven’t been doing art during the week, I have, though I will admit not as much as I would like, it has just been a bunch of missed deadlines. I didn’t make it for Paint Party Friday (fell asleep on the couch), or for Artist’s Play Room, a new challenge that I’ve never tried before and was particularly looking forward to (day got eaten by housework, literally I spent it cleaning cupboards and washing floors…I would say it was a waste of energy, but it wasn’t, as a result of ignoring said housework to do painting and other goodies for so long, it was rather bad and embarrassing) and even now for Sunday Sketches I only have a small sketch thrown together between baking banana muffins and grabbing lunch before dashing off to work.

But something is better than nothing.

Mermaid 3

Yes, we have another mermaid. I still haven’t finished the first one. Haven’t done a thing on it all week (busy week). I usually prefer to paint outside, but Downunder winter is beginning to make its prescence known and the nice days are coming to an end, so to keep up productivity, I’m going to have to set up inside. The bonus of that is that I can leave it all set up and do it late at night when the kids are in bed. The downside is that the lighting isn’t as good, but we can’t have everything.

This new mermaid is for the necessary second painting…I have two daughters. My husband suggested that I paint a train for my youngest as she is currently obsessing on Thomas the Tank Engine. While I’m all for variety and non-gender-linked toys, etc, I’m not painting a train. Firstly because I think the train interest is transitory, secondly, I don’t paint man-made objects…they have too many angles and I’m seriously not a fan of perspective πŸ˜€

But anyway, I’m rambling. Youngest Daughter’s mermaid is likely to be blue or maybe gold, I’m undecided at this point. Aiming to make her different from Eldest Daughter’s (whose mermaid has now been christened ‘Sofie’). The octopus has made a return because he was cute in that first original drawing even though Eldest Daughter kicked him off the menu. Does anyone know what else I can use for mermaid bras other than clam shells? I’ve scribbled in mussels here, but if anyone else can give me some suggestions, I’m open πŸ˜€

This sketch also isn’t finished. There will be at least one other creature/feature in the composition. I ran out of the half hour I used to scribble it down.

Anyway, another mermaid in the works.

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Best wishes,
(who thought I’d end up painting mermaids?)