Mixed media – paint and beads

Paint Party Friday

I haven’t had much time this week (story of my life on all fronts), but I have done a little work on KJ’s accordian book. The insides have been started and I have continued working on the covers, for the first time truly branching into mixed media as I’ve added some beads.

KJs accordian book cover wip 2

Still extremely work-in-progress as who knows what it is going to look like when it is finished (gotta love that way of working, it gives a whole new freedom to my art).

KJs accordian book cover wip 2 closeup

There are three types of beads here that I found in my art cupboard. I’ve ‘glued’ them in with a liberal dollop of Golden Artists Clear Granular Gel medium, which I then spread down the length of the star spikes.

I am using all Golden Artist products for this project as I’ve been recommended them repeatedly and I am slowly equipping myself by importing them from the US (something I am able to do only because of the value of the Australian dollar at the moment, pre-recession I wouldn’t have even dreamt of doing it as it would have been twice the price)

I’ve still got a lot of experimenting to do in this project. I have to see if the beads will keep their sheen with a coat of gloss gel on top. I have to work the foreground into the background more to firm up the composition. Eh, still a way to go yet, but I thought I would share this WIP moment for Paint Party Friday. Don’t forget to go check out all the great artists over there.

(life is a work in progress)