Mermaid still a work-in-progress

Paint Party Friday

And here I am still painting my mermaid. It is taking forever because I only have small amounts of time to attend to it. I ended up setting it up inside and working by my desk lamp. Not the best, but at least I can pick it up and leave it when I have to. I much prefer painting outside on a sunny day, but alas, winter is coming here and the days are getting cold and windy.

But! I have made some progress. Still a way to go, but getting there slowly.

Mermaid still a work in progress

Lousy lighting at night with my desk lamp, but at least you can get an idea of the shine on the iridescent paint.

At the moment I’m glazing the background ocean trying to give it some depth. I’m an impatient little rat and have interrupted the drying time of several layers wanting to put the next one down. I have to keep telling myself it will be worth the wait.

Both the crab and the starfish are missing their eyes, the mermaid is missing some of her hair and there are a ton of touch ups and extra paint layers I have to do yet – not to mention the jewellery I’m planning to add to this. So still a fair way to go.

Don’t forget to drop by Paint Party Friday (when this week’s post is up, I’m running a little early) and visit all the great work over there.

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