Masking fluid experiments

Paint Party Friday

It’s been a busy week, and although I have done a little more on my Paper and Jewels mixed media mosaic (last seen here), it isn’t at a photographable stage at the moment and is really almost finished, so I might give it a chance to be finished before I post it here. Maybe next week.

So that leaves me with my art journal and my experiments with watercolour and masking fluid.

I’ve had a bottle of masking fluid sitting in my art cupboard since I first bought my Windsor and Newton watercolour set several years ago, but I’ve never used it. I think I was a little nervous with it as I didn’t quite get the concept of how it works and since back then all I did was attempt crazy detailed works, I never got up the nerve to try it. So it sat in the back of the cupboard forgotten.

Earlier this year I was introduced to the concept of an art journal. I’ve kept sketchbooks of my work all my life, but art journalling is slightly different. In March I started a journal of my own. A simple cheap bound sketchbook that within its pages I have permission to royally stuff up with abandon. I’ve been using it to experiment with my watercolours of late and that is where you will find all the originals for my Life Inspired series. I’ve found it extremely liberating to have this place to just play. I’ve never painted in a sketchbook before. All my paintings have been big events where I have tried to create something that will grace a wall someday. I can’t tear pages out of this book. This is where my art stays (beyond the wonders of computer scanning).

So it was to my little A5 journal that I turned when I finally decided to play with masking fluid, figuring if it totally messed up, it didn’t matter. Random, with the possibility of using the result as a background later, I played over a couple of days (for drying times and real life interruptions). I still think it is a work-in-progress with more layers needed, but the result is interesting enough for a quick post.

Watercolour and masking fluid experiment

And some closeups…

Watercolour and masking fluid experiment cut1

Watercolour and masking fluid experiment cut2

Gotta love how watercolours blend randomly together.

Once I’ve finished this into something vaguely reasonable, I might put together my notes on masking fluid and write up a quick tutorial if anyone is interested.

So this is my meagre offering for Paint Party Friday this week. To see much more exciting works, check out the other participants, there are some fantastic works out there.

Best wishes,