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Sunday Sketches

For quite some time now I have been admiring pen and watercolourists like Tracey Fletcher King and Blue Chair Diary Illustrations and their techniques of mixing these two wonderful media. I have never attempted watercolour and pen together before and since my watercolour experience is minimal, I tend to find that part of the equation quite scary.

I’ve had a series of small cartoons/paintings in mind for some time now. Life inspired quotes and the like which I can illustrate and use for those moments in life that require them. So at 3.30am this morning, I thought, to the hell with it, grabbed my waterproof pen and dragged out my neglected watercolour paints and had a go (It was early because I get insomnia and I made the mistake of falling asleep on my bed reading too early last night ).

So here is my first attempt.

Those who love you do your housework -Life inspired by Gumnut

I had to fight my bright is right inclination and spent the entire time terrified of overworking it. Switching from acrylics to watercolour is confusing process-wise because thou shalt not use white in watercolour or suffer the messy consequences if you really don’t know what you are doing.

I was quite proud of myself, however, in the fact that this is actually a page from my art journal. I drew the design, penned it and painted it all in one spot. No preparation or tracing or anything, just seat of my pants painting. At any time I could have completely screwed it up and it was nerve-wracking. I had to keep telling myself that it is okay to mess up, it didn’t matter. I did cheat slightly – when I finished the pen stage I scanned it into the computer so that if I did mess up the original, I could easily print off a copy of the outline and trace it down somewhere to try again. I can’t help it, my computer is my security blanket πŸ˜€

The quote is genuine Gumnut and was inspired by my beloved Husband who does that everyday. The man is wonderful – I’m a lousy housewife, and he does wonderful things for me. I know he loves me because he does my housework!

I’m submitting this for Sunday Sketches because I love Sunday Sketches. Don’t forget to visit the other artists in this great challenge, there is some fantastic art being created out there.

Best wishes,