Lesson – more experiments with watercolour pencils

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I did little more than fifteen minutes of art today. I didn’t time myself, so it could have been up to half an hour, but it was at least fifteen minutes.

The new challenge for Illustration Friday was released and this is the concept that came to mind.

LessonLesson, watercolour pencil on illustration board, approx. 180 x 160 mm.

I’ve left it purposefully rough and ready for impact. Apart from my Red Parrot Pea, this is the first time I’ve used my watercolour pencils to look like a watercolour painting. I felt quite brave adding the water and letting it drip down the page, a lack of control that goes completely against my grain (then it must be good for me :D) I’m thoroughly enjoying learning about my watercolour paints and pencils. They are less scary than I thought.

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(a topic far from my norm)

EDIT: Well, this is proof that this painting has failed. This is not an illustration of smog, industrial waste or anything due to environmental impact. Look closer, what do you see?