Izzy’s Rainbow complete!

A Piece a Week 2013 Paint Party Friday

I’m so happy! Third Piece a Week completed! Well, bar the final coats of gel and varnish. I think I’m going to have a varnishing day soon.

This one is for my youngest daughter.

Izzy's Rainbow final1

Izzy’s Rainbow, mixed media mosaic, acrylic on canvas, approx. 710 x 355 mm.

I didn’t initially plan for this to be a mixed media mosaic, but when I finished the rainbow, it was clearly missing something, so I started sticking gems to it.

Here’s a close up shot.

Izzy's Rainbow finalcloseup1

And this is what happens when you put it out in the morning sun πŸ˜€

Izzy's rainbow final2

Izzy's Rainbow finalcloseup2

Izzy' s Rainbow finalcloseup3

What can I say? I like bling πŸ˜€ It still needs to dry for at least a week (Thursday is going to be 39C, so plenty of drying power there). Once I’ve coated it several times in self-leveling gel and varnish, it will be going on a wall in my youngest daughter’s room.

So I’m three for three so far! Which piece of art will I crazily attempt to finish for next week? Hmmm…

Don’t forget to check out A Piece a Week and all the other wonderful artists over there. Maybe you’ll join us? And I’m also submitting this for Paint Party Friday, because let’s face it, I have three days of work before Friday and I’m not going to get anything else done by then. So make sure you drop by Paint Party Friday and have a persuse of the great art over there too.

I hope your week is as arty as mine has been πŸ˜€

Best wishes,