Artists are inspired people. But what makes them create what they create? What lights the fire that produces such wonderful work? This is a series of interviews made in an attempt to find out.

Inspired People – Juliette Crane

Today’s inspired person is Juliette Crane, a wonderful artist with a gift for multi-layered, inspirational works. Juliette has permanently changed my way of working by sharing her technique. She is often on my mind when a piece of art isn’t evolving in the direction I had intended it to go. I usually end up asking myself, ‘What would Juliette Crane do?’ and the answer is always ‘keep going until it works’. She has truly inspired me and I have several pieces of art completed that I would have otherwise trashed if it wasn’t for her sharing her determination. It is fantastic to have her here to share some of the inspiration behind her beautiful creations.

Nutty interview

I have been honoured to be the subject of a ‘Meet the Artist’ interview on 365 Days of Inspiration. If you would like to get to know a little bit more about me, and visit a great site for inspirational resources, I hope you drop in for a gander.

Inspired People – Sheila Arthurs

Today’s inspired person is Sheila Arthurs, an artist of remarkable flexibility and diversity. I’ve drooled over her doodles for some time now, but she also creates some gorgeous hand painted fabrics and dabbles in another love of mine, crochet. It is great to have her here as my guest and to grab a peek at the spark behind her creations.

Inspired people – Kim Manley Ort

I am a middle aged Mom who discovered photography later in life. Ansel Adams was my inspiration. When my kids were little, I would take some time for myself when they napped, put on piano music and read a good book. One of those books was about the life of Ansel Adams, well-known American photographer of the West. I admired not only his photographs but the way he lived his life with integrity. After a visit to Yosemite National Park in California, where Adams did much of his photography, I decided to take my first photography class and I was hooked.

Inspired people – Melissa Dinwiddie

Today’s inspired person is Melissa Dinwiddie. Multi-passionate creative artrenpreneur, self-coined and aptly descriptive, Melissa is the powerhouse behind both the Thriving Artists Project and 365 Days of Genius. I first encountered Melissa through a guest post on ‘The Abundant Artist’, her writing and story captured my attention with its honesty and fire. Since then I’ve been inspired by her determination, her optimism, and her certainty that, yes, you can be the person you want to be. And did I mention she does art? In multiple forms. Multi-passionate is the keyword with Melissa 😀 It is fantastic to have her here and I hope you enjoy reading her answers as much as I did.

Inspired People – Dana Barbieri

Our first inspiring person is Dana Barbieri. I first met Dana online via her Art Biz Mama series of interviews that opened my eyes to the possibilities of being both a mother and an artist at the same time. Finding inspiration from the bottom of my newborn daughter’s nappy bin wasn’t the easiest thing at the time, so to see another mother trying and succeeding was very inspirational. Dana was one of the people who introduced me to the creative blogosphere and all the possiblities it presents and I am honoured to have her here as one of my first interviewees as I delve into the sources of inspiration.