Hands number six and seven

100 artworks challenge Sunday Sketches

This post follows on from 100 hands and, funnily enough, has more hands 😀 I had hoped to have some more dragon sketches to show, but I’m sick again (more lurgy, ugh) and it is slowing me down yet again, sigh. There is one dragon sketch, but it is not at the level I would like.

So those of you who follow me on social media will have seen Hand number six, but I haven’t yet posted it here, so here it is 😀


Hand number six

I am quite happy with the looseness in this one. It was quick, but has some energy because of it. Soft pastel on pastel paper – my daughter’s hand.

One of the things I am challenging myself with this exercise is experimenting with different media (let’s face it, I’d get bored otherwise :D), so I played with a black background and my pastel pencils for number seven. The paper wasn’t pastel paper, so it didn’t really behave as well as it could, and pastel pencils are much harder than soft pastels, so they make a slightly different mark and have less intensity. This one is my Hubby’s hand.


Hand number seven

So here be my Sunday Sketches and further entries into the 100 Artworks Challenge. Don’t forget to go visit these groups and discover some of the wonderful art being created.

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