H is for Happy

And Happy is exactly what I’ve been for the majority of this long weekend 😀 I’ve been merrily arting and blogging away on various projects and it has been great fun.

A couple of days ago I posted G is for Graffiti where I mentioned my first art journal page. It was based on street art and a technique demonstrated for those of us participating in the challenge.

Well, I really liked the ‘Love’ page I threw together and being me, I couldn’t just leave it there. So I created a painting.

Love by Liz PowleyLove, acrylic on canvas, approx. 460 x 460 mm.

I managed to find those colours I wanted and I’m quite happy with this quick and a little rough composition.

So happy that I followed it up with another, which I am certainly not as happy with. Let’s call it a work in progress for the moment until I beat it into submission.

Happy WIP by Liz PowleyHappy, work in progress, acrylic on canvas, approx. 460 x 460 mm.

And yes, that says Happy not Herpy, hence the work in progress. Sorry about the bad photography.  I’m not sure about the colour choice, and Herpy just doesn’t have good vibes. I may fix it, or it may become the latest and greatest background for something else.

Anyways, Happy A to Z Blogging!

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(not as happy as she was before the outcome of Happy)