Goodies in the post

Some time ago I received an email from Golden Paints. Yes, the guys who make our wonderfully lush acrylics and mediums. Apparently they wanted to use material from one of my videos for a trade presentation, and in return they would send me some free paint.

The video that sparked their interest (the far too long and in desperate need of editing video):



Sounded good to me, so I said yes. Consequently, I was lucky enough to receive these goodies in the post.

Golden paints

Seriously droolworthy! I will be playing! Thankyou, Golden Paints!

Another nice encounter last week was Blue Moon Consulting. They kindly contacted me asking to pay for permission to use the image from one of my paintings. It was wonderful to have permission asked and attribution paid in a world where many will just steal images online (it happens, I check on occasion and you’d be surprised where some of my artwork ends up online – fortunately I don’t put up very good resolutions of my art, so printing them would be lousy quality should they try).

And also last week, I received a book I have been loathe to return to the library so bought for my collection – Light for Visual Artists, by Richard Yot.

Light for visual artists by Richard Yot

This is a stunning book. It is like physics for artists, explaining the whys and hows of light situations. Did you know that all shadows on a sunny day are blue due to the scattered light from the sky? Did you know that wet surfaces are darker because the water reflects some of the light in different directions leaving less light to reach the surface to be reflected to your eyes? The surface appears darker because there is less light to see it by. This book is full of nuggets of information like this. Each explanation is illustrated with a simple diagram showing the point being made in relation to an artistic interpretation, plus photographic examples. Once you know how light works, it makes it easier to predict and imitate in your art. I highly recommend this book. It can be found on Amazon and Fishpond and at your local library (definitely in South Australia, I have a copy here waiting for me to return it).

So I’ve had a nice few weeks 😀

Any exciting arty nuggets drop in your lap lately?

Best wishes,