First Drawing Lab Challenge exercise

Sharpen your pencils….

This is the first challenge post for the Drawing Lab Challenge. Grab your copy of ‘Drawing lab for mixed media artists: 52 creative exercises to make drawing fun‘ and join us as we tackle the book together. Details of the challenge and joining can be found here.

This week the challenge is…

To read the book’s introductory pages and complete Lab 1 (Page 16).

(Only the initial exercise is required to complete this challenge. The ‘Taking it further’ exercises are optional. The fifth week of the Drawing Lab Challenge cycle might be a good place to try them if you don’t get time in the challenge week.)

Okay, so week one and exercise one isn’t really an original choice, but it’s a start. Next week we’ll be a little more random as our pencils will be thoroughly warmed up by then 😀

Have at it!