This is a quick shout out for Gallery One!

Gallery One is my local community gallery. Earlier this year I was lucky enough to attend a class there and stretch my drawing horizons. Since then I have been honoured to continue my relationship with the Gallery as a volunteer helping out with their website.

Aside from the web support, it has been a valuable connection as creating the art is only a part of the career of an artist and I’ve been collecting valuable nuggets of information on how a gallery functions, what a gallery expects from an artist and general knowledge of the art world that an artist like me can’t pick up while hiding in her studio. So many thanks to Gallery One and their staff for continuing to expand my art business knowledge.

I also have a painting hanging there for sale for a couple of weeks. It is part of a small exhibition of thoughtful works.

Faceless, acrylic on canvas, 510x760mm.

Faceless, acrylic on canvas, 510x760mm.

Gallery One is located 1 Torrens Street, Mitcham, SA and is open Tuesday – Friday, 10am – 4.30pm. Well worth a visit with a Gallery shop and regular exhibitions. You can join and receive their newsletter, take a class in a variety of disciplines, or submit your own work to selected exhibitions and competitions. Don’t forget to like their Facebook Page to keep up to date.

Best wishes,