F is for Friday

Yes, F is for Friday, but not just any Friday, but Paint Party Friday! Every week on a Friday, artists from all over get together at the Paint Party Friday blog and share their painting accomplishments for that week. It is fantabulously hosted by Eva and Kristin, two avid paint enthusiasts who provide the hard work to keep this great challenge/party/motivation kick joint going.

Paint Party Friday

And I would like to say thanks. I find it extremely valuable to have this regular spot to visit, showcase my work, mix with other artists, and generally hang out with the like minded. Between PPF and Sunday Sketches (another fav of mine) I find I have enough motivation to spark new paintings or other artworks and generally keep my artistic pursuits going. There is something about knowing that at least someone will see your work and, if you are lucky, comment on it. You can’t art in a vacuum.

Halfway through each week I think ‘hmm, what can I put up for Paint Party Friday this week?’ I don’t manage to get something up every week, in fact I barely make half the checkins. But this is due to the fact I have two small children and a job, there is only so much one person can do. But I think of it every week, and when I can, my name appears on that linky list and I poke around looking at other artist’s work. There are no wallflowers at this party ๐Ÿ˜€

So if you’re stuck in an artistic rut, or can’t seem to motivate yourself, or just want to join in the fun, mosy on over to Paint Party Friday and share some arty cocktails.

And for this week I would like to submit two painty things for Paint Party Friday. My life has been consumed by the A to Z Blogging Challenge for April, but as part of that, I have been painting.

Fellow PPF peeps, please check out one of these…they both have a video and technique and hopefully you will find them interesting.


Crimson swirls close up

A is for Acrylic

Explorations of Self-leveling Gel

This is a technique for creating marbled/semi-blended backgrounds (mostly) on canvas that takes advantage of the slight three-dimensionality of self-leveling gel and its ability to semiblend colour and catch it in mid-motion.

Butterfly excerpt 1

B is for Butterfly Painting

More Self-leveling gel and a favourite technique from my childhood.

Do you remember those fun paintings we did as a kid in school โ€“ blob some paint on a piece of paper then fold it over, rub, and open it up to see some pretty butterfly shaped random compostition? Well, these are what Iโ€™m calling butterfly paintings. I used to love them as a kid and Iโ€™m loving playing with them now.

And now I am off to enjoy another type of Friday, the Good Friday, Easter Friday, time to spend with my children.

Happy Paint Party Friday!

Best wishes,
(who might sneak some painting into this weekend too)

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