last half of 2015 art


This is the state of my hallway at the moment. My studio is getting closer and closer to completion – Hubby finished all the painting today, now we have fixtures like skirting boards and window sills to install, then vinyl flooring, furniture and racks, and then moving all the junk back in – but in the meantime, my loungeroom is showing the strain.

Port Art Exhibition – it was a stretch to expect to sell anything – my portraits are not seascapes or ‘port’ orientated, but I had thought that overall it was a large exhibition with 619 works exhibited so they would have a decent amount of sales. However, of those 619, only 49 sold – less than 8%. Now I know economic times are not the greatest and art is a luxury item, but I would have hoped for better results overall, whether mine sold or not. I think there is a case for poor timing (right after Christmas!) and a low traffic exhibition space. Suffice it to say that I won’t be exhibiting with them next year.

There is also the factor that portraits like mine aren’t necessarily something that the average person would hang in their loungeroom. But I’ve had so much fun painting them! I will just need to hunt harder for the market. There is also the option to paint smaller and faster (::whines:: but bigger is so much fun!)

And next week we have the Victor Harbor Art Show, here’s hoping the attendance and purchase rate is higher.

Live and learn.

Best wishes,