E is for Emboss

I was going to blog about Emotional Colour tonight, but my brain is fried, so I was reduced to skimming through the dictionary looking for inspiration.

I found it 😀


I saw the word ’emboss’ and thought, hey, I bought some embossing tools awhile back. I think I’ll have a play.

And I did.

There was no rhyme or reason for this piece. I figured I would just experiment with the tools, having never embossed before in my life, and see what I can do. I embossed a few shapes off some texture boards I had bought, then dragged out some plastic stencils and played with those. What better word to emboss than ’emboss’?

I’ve been reading a new book that came into the library about doodling by Stephanie Corfee so I decided to randomly doodle with no design in mind at all (for me not something I usually do). So I now have this random embossed doodle I can stick into my art journal…hmm, a new reason to have an art journal, somewhere to put the idle experiments and scribbles 😀

So I have a short entry tonight for E. E is for Emboss and Easy.

Thanks to all the lovely people who have dropped by over the last few days. I’m really enjoying this challenge. here’s hoping I can keep up the steam. It is good for me and my blog.

Best wishes,

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