Drawing Lab Challenge #2 results – Eyes

I’ve always loved drawing eyes. There is something about them. Their shape, shadow, the soul staring out at you from the paper.

I’ve really practised drawing them over the years as they are my favourite part of portraiture. I know how important it is to put the shadow and highlights in just the right place and have followed some of the ‘recommended’ techniques. After all, a dead eye is a dead portrait.

But I have never quite drawn one like this.

This be my entry for the Drawing Lab Challenge #2. It be doodled and I have no idea what it is called. Pen on bleedproof paper. It looks like Sauron collided with a willow tree, got eaten by a chicken and then tattooed….but who am I to judge? 😀

I have also had ‘One-eyed, one-horned flying purple people eater’ singing in my head all week.

So…lemme see your inventions!

(bonus points to any Star Trek fans who can identify who owns the eyes)