Cupid stings

Sunday Sketches

It has not been a week for art this week. Work has been crazy and home life has been peppered with being a kindy mum and a last minute costume and food platter.There was one sketch/painting, but I’ve already featured that twice and I wouldn’t want to bore anyone. So, I’m subitting from the archives today. I’ve dug up a cartoon that I never I’ve never shown at Sunday Sketches (in fact it was drawn the week after I posted my first ever Sunday Sketches submission back in November 2010). He’s here sitting on my hard drive doing nothing much and as he is a cute little thing, I thought it might be worth bringing him out.


‘There was the whole bald, cute and nappy thing, but considering he got to sleep on a cloud and then shoot people in the butt all day, his job wasn’t too bad.’
Cupid, pen on bleedbroof paper, approx. 250 x 210 mm.
And to make sure I have something that was actually completed this week, here is a drawing by my four and a half year old daughter, artist in training, completed this morning 😀
KJ Mummy and Daddy
That is not a beard on Mummy, it is lipstick 😀
I hope you are having a fantastic Sunday of Sketching. Please don’t forget to go and drop in on the fab artists out there playing in Sunday Sketches, there is some amazing art out there.
Best wishes,