Creative Everyday – my first mosaic

Here it is, the project that has been taking me that extra bit of time to finish. It is an experiment, well, for me as I haven’t done one of these before. Done totally on the fly. Beyond deciding the pallette beforehand, I just cut and stuck squares of card. This is what I came up with.

Feenik’s Talon, cut card and glue on card, 300 x 300 mm

Apologies for the shoddy photo. My camera is showing its age and it has never handled reds or pinks very well. (We won’t mention the shonky operator :D)

This is a very basic experiment for what I’m interested in doing in this medium. I has ideas πŸ˜€ and am intending on playing for a while longer. I’m just happy that I finally managed to finish this one. I’m not sure if it is the motherhood duties or the medium, but it seemed to take ages. But then, since I started this blog, most of my finish times haven’t been much more than a week, so I’m spoilt πŸ˜€

Groovy close up 1
Groovy close up 2

I had intended on doing more than just a pixel arrangement with this, but I’m obviously clueless and found that if I started one way, then I’d have to continue that way. It is also full of errors, but hey, it was fun.

It was also an exercise in colour. Since the Creative Colour Challenge, I’ve found myself learning more and more about colour and how to manipulate it.

Now for an example of how this medium can be expressed in the hands of those with both practise and skill, check out Rebecca Sutherland. I am so in love with her work. Her use of colour ticks all my boxes and has me wanting to experiment like crazy. You can find her blog here.

What else have I done this week? I’ve done a little doodling with no exciting result. I have lots of plans, but haven’t really had time to execute much. I also have an unfinished oil pastel experiment which I fiddled with today until my youngest woke up and derailed that plan. But I’m happy that this piece is finished. Yay!