Just draw.

I recently finished an eight week drawing course – Creative Drawing with Lauryn Arnott at Gallery One. I enjoyed it and really found it worthwhile, and it has certainly affected my current art direction. I originally chose it because I desperately needed to continue some regular art practise with other people. I spent a year […]

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Hand number three

100 hands

I discovered a new challenge last week. What can I say, Iā€™m a sucker for a new challenge. Whether or not I succeed at the challenge is always a question, but I love starting new ones.

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Hand Number Two

Another hand

And now blogging is giving me a kick to art more…yay! Tired tonight. It has been a long week and it is not going to stop until at least Easter, but at least I should get a little sleep in tomorrow. It is my youngest’s fifth birthday today and she has a party on Sunday, […]

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Winter returns

The temperature is forecast to dip below 20C this week, the final sign that summer is truly leaving and the April rains are due. Here comes the cold. I’m not a fan of winter, however for the first time in a long time we will be travelling interstate this year right in the depths of […]

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Moonlit Mermaid

Arty daydreams – Artful Creations Day 10

You ever have those days where you spend hours doing the ‘have to’ tasks, but while you are doing them, all you can think of doing is your ‘want to’ tasks? And you keep yourself going throughout the day looking forward to when you have completed all the have-tos and can play – only to get to that moment and be too exhausted, or it is too late, or not enough time left to do any of those things you dreamt about all day?

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Fairy forest

Spring has sprung paint

It is so wonderful to have some sunny weather to paint in. Last weekend I grabbed my acrylics and set up on the back porch and threw together to beginnings of a randomish painting (mainly because the canvas I’m using has a thread pull in it and I had to wait for the other two I’d gessoed to dry). Didn’t know what I wanted to paint, I just slapped it down. It is wonderfully freeing, especially since the canvas was a dud one so it didn’t matter what I did to it, I couldn’t use it to make saleable art anyway.

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