Dahlia by Liz Powley

A Piece a Week 16 – Dahlia

I did a little bit of gardening yesterday and during my trips between the front yard and the backyard I kept encountering a particular dahlia. Hubby had planted them early last season and now they are sprawly and falling all over the place. This particular one was hanging into the path and I had to avoid it each time I walked past. I became quite interested in its colours – shades of red through to pale yellow – and just before lunch grabbed the camera and photographed it to save it for a stockshot.

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The purple chair

A Piece a Week 15 – The Purple Chair WIP

Tonight was my last art class for the term and now we have two weeks off before we delve into next term. This term was all about mixing colours and at first I was a little wary. My first time attending this group and a long history with other art training (mostly graphic design) to contend with, when we were asked to mix colours and paint little squares of the eighty or so colours derived from two primaries, I had to convince myself that this was a Mr Miyagi moment and I needed to wax on and wax off before I tried to whack anybody.

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Stone Wisteria WIP2

Stone Wisteria – Artful Creations Day 26

It is amazing how the simplest thing can influence the direction of a painting. A friend of mine took one look at a WIP of mine and mentioned that it reminded her of wisteria. My brain latched onto the idea and now my abstract, random, I-don’t-know-what-it-is painting is now wisteria 😀 Thank you my dear friend.

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Flying Spark

Flying Spark – Artful Creations Days 11 & 12

I love one word challenges. They can take me just about anywhere and have me creating just about anything. The Flying Spark is a daily word to do just that. Every day, using Twitter, there will be a word to spark inspiration. It appears here on this blog to the right top, or you can subscribe to it on Twitter, even get it delivered to your phone everyday. It is for when you need that little extra push, for when you are stuck. If today’s word isn’t the clincher, there are plenty of words inthe Flying Spark archives on Twitter to play with. The important thing is stoking your creative fire. You must create!

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