Bubble pop effect

Explorations – Bubble painting

I was giving my eldest daughter a bath one night, swirling bubblebath around in the tub, when the bubbles suddenly grabbed my attention. They had a beautiful texture. I wondered if they could carry paint and leave a print on paper. Of course, I had to explore the idea.

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Wet-on-wet flow medium unprimed board

Acrylic experiments

Last week I played with some new acrylic paints my parents-in-law were kind enough to buy me for Christmas. I didn’t really paint anything, I did pure experimentation with a bunch of acrylic mediums. I had no idea what I was doing as I’ve only ever really used a retarder and nothing else in my paint and I was also using fluid acrylics, a type of acrylic I haven’t really used either.

So I played, and this is what I came up with.

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Cosmos, acrylic on illustration board scan and digitally altered, approx. 210 x 210 mm. Another experiment, this time with digital art. The challenge this month over at Creative Every Day is ‘cosmos’ and I couldn’t leave a word like that alone. This is the result. I’m not 100% happy with it and I may make […]

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Paper mosaic experiments

Motion, paper mosaic and acrylic, approx. 480 x 370 mm. This is what happens when you experiment. You never quite know what you’re going to end up with. This one is slightly weird. I could have added more to it, but it had such a sense of motion to it that I stopped in case […]

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Painting experiments – Caught

Caught, acrylic, watercolour pencil and gel pen, approx. 265 x 195 mm. Here you go. My attempt to create a painting from this. I love bits of it, other bits, not so much, but hey, it’s only an experiment 😀 So Christie, you scored 😀 It was a fish I had in mind. It would […]

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Sunday Sketches – Balloons

Dreams of Balloons, acrylic, watercolour pencil and gel pen on illustration board, approx. 250 x 200 mm Still more experimenting with paints in line with yesterday’s post. I was mesmerised by this idea the moment I saw it in the paint. It has it’s faults, but I’m happy with the movement. Since I spent a […]

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Dream, Acrylic, pen and gel pen on illustration board, approx. 200mm x 250mm. The experiment from the previous post? Now a completed painting. The scan seems to have obliterated most of the stars. Right down the centre of the piece is a spray of stars in yellow and white. What do you think? Not quite […]

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Sunday Sketches

The wonderful Kristin Dudish suggested I have a go at the Sunday Sketches Challenge. So I dug out my sketch book and have some of my not so hot sketches to share. I promise in the future to actually do something constructive for this challenge. I did scribble down Frenken Furter for the challenge, a […]

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Colour experiments – Green Fireworks

This effort was a follow through from Fallen and Embers. It has more in common with Embers, but was actually inspired by a piccy that I found right next to the piccy that inspired Fallen 😀 Green Fireworks, acrylic on board, approx. 300 x 300 mm. I was angry and continually distracted by the children […]

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