Inspired People

Inspired people – Melissa Dinwiddie

Today’s inspired person is Melissa Dinwiddie. Multi-passionate creative artrenpreneur, self-coined and aptly descriptive, Melissa is the powerhouse behind both the Thriving Artists Project and 365 Days of Genius. I first encountered Melissa through a guest post on ‘The Abundant Artist’, her writing and story captured my attention with its honesty and fire. Since then I’ve been inspired by her determination, her optimism, and her certainty that, yes, you can be the person you want to be. And did I mention she does art? In multiple forms. Multi-passionate is the keyword with Melissa 😀 It is fantastic to have her here and I hope you enjoy reading her answers as much as I did.

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Inspiring people interviews

Inspired People – Dana Barbieri

Our first inspiring person is Dana Barbieri. I first met Dana online via her Art Biz Mama series of interviews that opened my eyes to the possibilities of being both a mother and an artist at the same time. Finding inspiration from the bottom of my newborn daughter’s nappy bin wasn’t the easiest thing at the time, so to see another mother trying and succeeding was very inspirational. Dana was one of the people who introduced me to the creative blogosphere and all the possiblities it presents and I am honoured to have her here as one of my first interviewees as I delve into the sources of inspiration.

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Inspiration point

Inspiration point – I want to write music

I’ve known for a long time that I don’t see the world quite the same way as most people. I’ve been known to be weird, odd, out of step, Aquarian, or just plain strange. I’m good at getting the wrong end of the stick in a conversation, and in group learning, my answers are always off centre of the norm. But it is my way of viewing the world that makes me the artist I am. So here I am going to blatantly share some of my points of inspiration, some of those personal moments that just spark for me and make me want to create. And perhaps I can share that spark, too.

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Bubble pop effect

Explorations – Bubble painting

I was giving my eldest daughter a bath one night, swirling bubblebath around in the tub, when the bubbles suddenly grabbed my attention. They had a beautiful texture. I wondered if they could carry paint and leave a print on paper. Of course, I had to explore the idea.

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These four walls

Stagnation: the enemy of Inspiration

This is a photo of my loungeroom/livingroom. I took it approximately five minutes ago. Here you can see the mess and the strong influence of my children. This is the scene I have been staring at for the last several weeks. In this shot you can see where I’ve been sitting. To the left, on […]

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Flying Spark

Do you have trouble finding inspiration some days? Any word, object or emotion can spark a masterpiece, but sometimes it is really hard to locate a place to start, a focus that can sharpen your mind in a productive direction. The Flying Spark offers a daily challenge to set you on a path to find […]

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Sunday Sketches

The wonderful Kristin Dudish suggested I have a go at the Sunday Sketches Challenge. So I dug out my sketch book and have some of my not so hot sketches to share. I promise in the future to actually do something constructive for this challenge. I did scribble down Frenken Furter for the challenge, a […]

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Memories and possibilities

I did art today, but I can’t post it until tomorrow 🙁  I also worked up a concept for this week’s Illustration Friday and may make a first attempt at that challenge. I didn’t have a chance today. So what am I going to post about tonight? Memories in scribbles. We are currently looking at […]

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An inspiring moment

Several years ago hubby and I went on holiday to Port Lincoln. On one of the days we were there, we went to Lincoln National Park. On that particular day the weather turned a little wintry. It was Spring and Port Lincoln sits out on the very end of a southern peninsula, cutting into the […]

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