Burning wood

Paint Party Friday

I haven’t touched my art materials this week. Work has been crazy busy so I’ve given it permission to intrude on my art time for this week so I can try and conquer some of it. It helps that I’m actually enjoying the work, mainly because I’m in the process of building a whole new promotions platform and it is quite exciting to see it emerge slowly. However I am missing my paints and plan to go nuts after I have work back under the illusion of control.

So would you believe that I actually did some art at the hairdressers on Tuesday? I now have purple hair and a painting to show for it. Yes, I took my iPad to the hairdressers. Getting colour put in my hair takes ages and I bore easily, so between writing some copy for work  and perusing Facebook, I opened up my Brushes app and started drawing. Just drawing. I had no real intention and what little evolved then evolved into something completely different. The result is no masterpiece, but it is art and it is painting and it is all I have to show for this week outside of a Festival program and a school holiday program which I have been designing at work, so here it be 😀

Burning wood

This is as far as I got on the iPad. It is a bit rough and if I was nitpicky I’d go back a fix a few thousand things, but I don’t want to tidy it up. It is what it is, a scribble begun at the hairdressers.

Tentatively called ‘Burning Wood’, it is part of my fire series. A very small part, maybe a study? In any case, once I uploaded it to my desktop computer and slapped it into Corel, I added a little contrast…then added some more and found it looked rather exciting like this:

Burning Wood with high contrast


I guess that’s the beauty of digital art, all the digital manipulation in the world is really just part of the art process.

I have a video of how this was drawn, but I’ve had to ask a very kind friend to convert it from Mac to PC, so check back here later for viewing. I’ll upload it as soon as I can.

This is my submission for this week’s Paint Party Friday. Don’t forget to visit the other great artists in the group, there is some gorgeous stuff out there.

Best wishes,
(who has an idea for another Life Inspired cartoon, but has to do some data entry for work instead)