Persistance is not futile

None of us were born with a pencil and Leonardo da Vinci’s art education – not even Leonardo himself. Yet, many of us, including me, oggle at the masters’ artworks and grumble about how we can never be that good. Do we ever see the blood, sweat and tears behind those masterpieces? Do we know what each of those great artists had to overcome to get where their careers finally took them? In many cases, the only factors separating success and failure is the determination to learn from failure and pick everything up and try again.

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Playing with watercolours and fog

An attempt at a foggy forest. Watercolour on A4 watercolour paper. A good exercise in atmospheric perspective and despite a few faults, I’m quite happy with it. Just need to remember watercolour works light to dark in contrast to acrylics which work dark to light (and are much more forgiving).

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Fog in the Grampians

Shades of Grey

One of the beauties of travelling in winter is the mercurial weather. There be sun, rain, and everything in between. Of course, I speak of the weather in Southern Australia as I am familiar with little else, but in my experience the lighting can be wonderous. The sun, when it is available, is at a […]

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crimson rosella

Gathering photos

Since my first digital camera back in 2002, I have been gathering photos. Whenever we went out, travelled on holiday or simply wandered around the garden, my camera hasn’t been far from me. More recently with the increasing capabilities of the smart phone camera, I’ve had its basic capabilities at hand even closer. And then […]

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Apparently M is for Migraine, hence the stumble in my posts. So to quickly backfill and get myself back on track, M is also for art Materials. Here is some yummilious eye candy from my collection….oh, I’m a materials girl…

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