Art update

There hasn’t been much art this week, I’ve been too exhausted. Little art, but lots of work instead. However this hasn’t stopped it from being an eventful week.

This week…

My Whimsical Waterfall painting was selected by poet Ani Peters to be featured on the front cover of her latest collection of poetry.

Whimsical Waterfall - Fantastical worlds series by Liz Powley

This painting is part of a developing series I’ve titled ‘Fantastical Worlds’ and includes several other works that incorporate the elements of a single woman and trees. They are aimed to be refreshing, calm and thought inspiring. Here are some of the previous works in the series.

Mountain view by Liz Powley

Dare to dream by Liz Powley

Two Trees by Liz Powley

Dream by Liz Powley

I’m actually quite excited about this series and plan to do more. Some of the above are available as prints – contact me for details. Ani Peters’ book is available for sale on Amazon.

On the Jewellery front I have made a few sales this week and last, and am quite excited about it.


Aurora Stars

J1849 Suns of the Forest

J1848 Setting Suns


The above and a couple others have sold and I’m about to create more. If you are interested in my jewellery, you can find some on my Etsy shop, or you can contact me directly with any requests. I can certainly make a special piece just for you.

On the new art front, I am still focused on exploring stamps, but didn’t have a great deal of time to play. I did create one new stamp, a daisy, which I am quite happy with.

purple daisies

And from that I made one greeting card with plans for more.

white daisies


On another front, I have promised myself that I would start including all the aspects of my art on this blog, so I really must mention two other happenings this week.

After months of preparation, the ALS Public Libraries SA Conference 2017 was held on Monday and Tuesday this week – and I have been responsible for the logo, the website, the flyers, conference program, a banner and several posters for this event. I’ve heard good reviews and as far as I know it went well (I didn’t attend). So a long standing job is now complete 😀

ALS PLSA Conference 2017 logo final single

So here be Liz Powley the graphic designer instead of Liz Powley the paint flinger 😀 I do work as a freelance graphic and web designer, and have done for some time. I just figured it was about time I shared some of my work since I do so much of it (and it keeps me both in paints and away from my paints – it’s like some space-time conspiracy theory 😀 ).

And now I have started work on another client’s website. After which I’m going to stick a fork in my website and turn it over a couple of times to rework it to make it work better for me.

Since it is now 1am and technically Friday and this post contains some paint…a little at least…I will be sharing it with Paint Party Friday. Don’t forget to drop over there and check out the wonderful array of artists on show.

So, Art Always! And I’m off to bed.

Best wishes,