A little photography

There has been art, but there has been no completion of any one art piece for over a month, so yeah, a little frustrated. So here is something a little different.

The other day as I was picking my daughter up from school, I noticed a patch of moss on the sidewalk. It is the middle of winter here and all the boggy lowgrowers are up and happy. This particular patch of moss had an array of species sharing the spot, so I made a note to grab my camera at some point and take some piccies. I’ve always been fascinated by the small, lots of overlooked snatches of beauty very few see.

Anyways, today I remembered and took the camera. After dropping off my eldest and herding my youngest, I knelt down on the sidewalk and took a few shots. I’m sure the other parents thought I was a kook, but at this point, I am beyond caring.

Unfortunately none of the photos really came out well, so I’ll have to venture forth again. However it wasn’t a wasted endeavour, because I found these on the school grounds.


Flowers of one of the Ironbark gums. I just fell in love with the colours and there may be a painting in my future. I’m thinking that I might get out with the camera more. Inspiration is out there, I can find it anywhere.

When I got home, I scrounged around my backyard for moss to give the photos another attempt.


This is all I could get at hal reasonable focus. I think I’ll be visiting a nearby national park to see if I can get some better shots. Or just practise in the backyard some more 😀 I see moss paintings in my future too 😀

Then, of course, I went for a wander in the front garden.


Winter is a time of growing in Adelaide. growing weeds, mostly, but in amongst the soursobs, my Australian native garden still has some beautiful moments to reveal. The above is a Grevillea banksii flower just opening. This small tree (ours is a dwarf form, so it won’t become much of a tree, but in its native environment, this is normally a tree) is a native to Queensland where they sometimes use it for a street tree. It battles the lower temperatures down here, but ours is a survivor (everything in our garden is a survivor otherwise it would be dead from neglect).

And our dryandra, after suffering from weed invasion for many years has once again flowered.


So the signs say I should get out and photograph more. Sunny winter days are brilliant for photography because the lighting can be excellent. Summer sun is far too bright, but winter sun can be lovely. Not to mention the fantastic displays the sky puts on in winter with roiling clouds and dramatic washes of rain. What more could an artist ask for?

Best wishes,