A little fanart to educate myself

Sunday Sketches

In my quest for self education in the area of portraiture, I once again made an attempt to scribble down a face portraying emotion. Since I’m hip deep in the Avengers fandom at the moment, I took a scene from a fanfic I read recently and drew inspiration from that.

While it is blatantly fan art, it did require me to challenge my skills.Β  I had to alter a lot from the original stockshots and I’m gaining confidence in my ability to do that. It is full of faults, of course, but I think the important bits are there, like no defiance of gravity, actual posture of subjects possible, things like that. And I got the right feel into their faces.

My quest continues.


Injured, graphite pencil on cartridge, approx 14″ x 11″.

Best wishes,
(be careful, my crazy fandom side is peeking out)